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What are the benefits of small cash loans?

Quick and easy application. The application only takes a few minutes to complete, which requires basic information.
Many lenders with an application. Don’t worry about completing the application after the application. Small cash loans have a whole network of lenders that it can potentially connect you to.
Get your money fast. If you accept a short-term loan and accept it, you can have the money deposited into your account in as little as one business day.
Up to $ 1,000 2,500 for payday loans, up to XNUMX $ for installment loans. You are not charged anything for using small cash loans to find potential short-term loans.
Loan information:

Not all lenders can provide loans up to $ 2,500. The maximum amount you can borrow from any lender is determined by the lender based on its own insurance policies, which may vary and your credit rating. The time to get loan proceeds varies between lenders and in some cases faxing of application materials and other documents may be required. Submitting your information online does not guarantee that you will be approved for a loan.

Each lender has its own terms and renewal policy, which may differ from lender to lender. You should review your lender’s terms and renewal policy before signing the loan agreement. Delaying payments on loans can lead to additional fees or collection activities or both.

By using this site or services, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age, that you are a resident of the United States and that you are not resident in any state where the loan you are applying for is illegal.

You may have questions about your salary to your salary

What is a personal loan and what can I use it for?

People get personal loans to help with home repairs, unexpected expenses, holiday shopping, bills and more. Such a loan from one of our lenders can help you get the money you need! Once you complete our online form, if approved, you can receive cash as soon as the next business day.

How fast can I get the money?

While approval from a lender can be quick, usually within minutes, you will probably only get your cash as soon as the next business day. Think of the process as depositing a check in your bank account, usually you have to wait at least one business day before the check is cleared and the money is available for your account.

How do you protect my privacy and personal information?

When we send your personal information to our lender’s network, we ensure the highest security of your personal information. With SSL encryption, your personal data is encrypted on the way to our servers and decrypted when they arrive at Cash Loans.

Are there any fees? cash loans do not charge consumers any fees and there is no charge to send your information online. If we can join you on a loan offer from a lender, your lender will give you the exact fees and interest on your loan before accepting the loan. Small cash loans are not a lender and cannot predict the exact fees and interest rates for the loan option presented to you. You are not obliged to accept the terms provided to you by the lender.

Representative April

Small cash loans are not a lender and do not provide personal loans, but refer consumers to lenders who can provide such loans. Cash Loans cannot provide you with an exact APR (annual percentage) that you will be charged if you are approved for a loan. APRs vary depending on the information you provide in your loan request and your lender. You will receive APR, loan fees and other terms from your lender if we can connect you to a lender and you are redirected to your loan agreement in the loan request. Small cash loans have no control or knowledge of loan details between you and your lender. If you receive a loan offer, you have the opportunity to review the loan terms, which you can approve or reject.

This is how it is

A personal loan is a medium term loan with a fixed interest rate that is repaid in equal monthly payments and is usually limited to 24 months. Borrowing offers and eligibility depend on your individual credit profile. Our lenders can help you get as much as $ 2,500 depending on the lender, your state and your financial situation.

The owner and operator of is not a lender and is not involved in making credit decisions in connection with lending or making loan offers. Instead, the site is designed only for a matching service, enabling users to contact lenders and third parties. The Website does not charge any fees for its service, nor does it oblige any user to initiate contact with any of the lenders or third parties or to accept any loan product or service offered by the lenders. All information about personal loan products and the industry is presented only on the website for informational purposes. does not endorse any particular lender nor does it represent or be responsible for the lenders’ actions or inaction. does not collect, store or access the information on fees and charges associated with the contacting lenders and / or loan products. Online personal loans are not available in all states. Not all lenders in the network can provide loans of up to $ 3,000 XNUMX. cannot guarantee that the user of the site will be selected by any lender or for any loan product, will be matched with a lender, or if matched, will receive a personal loan offer on the terms requested in the online form. Lenders may need to carry out credit checks through one or more credit bureaus, including but not limited to major credit bureaus, to determine credit reliability and the extent of credit products to offer. Creditors in the network may need to perform additional verifications, including but not limited to social security number, driver’s license number, national ID or other identification documents. The terms and scope of loan products vary from lender to lender and may depend on many factors, including but not limited to the applicant’s housing permit and credit status, as well as the terms determined by each lender individually.

APR Representative

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the loan rate that is calculated for the annual maturity. Because is not a lender and does not have any information regarding the terms and other details of personal loan products offered by lenders individually, cannot provide the exact APR charged for any loan product offered by the lenders. APRs vary greatly from lender to lender, state to state, and depend on many factors, including but not limited to an applicant’s credit status. Additional fees associated with the loan offer, including but not limited to origination fees, late payment, non-payment fees and penalties, as well as non-financial measures, such as late payment reporting and debt collection measures, may be applied by the lenders. These financial and non-financial measures have nothing to do with, and has no information that recovers in any way the lenders can take. All financial and non-financial costs and measures shall be disclosed in a specific loan agreement in a clear and transparent manner. APR is calculated as the annual fee and is not an economic cost for a personal loan product.

Late payment implications

It is strongly recommended to contact the lender if delayed payment is expected or considered possible. In this case, late payment fees and charges may be involved. Federal and state regulations are set for cases of late payment and may vary from case to case. All information about late payment procedures and costs is disclosed in the loan agreement and should be reviewed before any related document is signed.

Non-paid consequences

Financial and non-financial penalties can be imposed in cases of payment or missed payment. Fees and other financial charges for late payment shall be reported in the loan agreement. Additional measures related to non-payment, such as renewals, may be adopted upon given consent. The terms for renewal must be specified in each loan agreement individually. Additional fees and fees in connection with renewal may be charged.

Debt settlement methods and other related procedures can be performed. All measures related to this practice are aligned with the Fair Law on Debt Collection Laws and other applicable federal and state laws to protect consumers from unfair lending and negative borrowing experience. The majority of lenders do not refer to external debt collection agencies and try to collect the debt via internal funds.

Non-payment and late payment can adversely affect borrowers’ creditworthiness and downgrade their credit score, as lenders can report criminal records to credit bureaus, including but not limited to Equifax, Transunion and Experian. In this case, the result of non-payment and late payment can be recorded and remain in credit reports for the specified time period.